Editor, The Daily Home:

How many people in and around Talladega County would like to fish and picnic in and around Sycamore watershed? Tallassahatchie Watershed Dam site 4 on Emauhe Creek. The answer is about 99% of the population.

However, only a few people have that opportunity. We have struggled with this situation for a while now and we are more determined than ever before to pursue this to a fair and sensible conclusion.

Emauhe Creek has been open to the people ever since the beginning of time, and just because some papers were signed and some money changed hands, it should not stop us from entering into the property and accessing the creek. The citizens of Alabama paid for the lake to be built and we, the taxpayers in Talladega County, are paying the county commission to maintain the dam and surrounding area. In all probability the very gates keeping us out were paid for with taxpayers’ dollars.

A friend and I went to the landowner’s office, respectively and politely asked for permission to go out and catch a mess of bream and we were told we would have it (permission) in a few days. That was February 16, 2011, and still no bream!

I am 71 years young and my friend is 81. We’re waiting.

Very few adults and hardly any teenagers have $1,000 to pay for entry, nor should they have to.

We have well over 100 people in our group who wish very strongly to resolve the issue.

Our children and grandchildren deserve better than this. This has gone on way too long and it should never have happened in the first place.

If you have anything to add to this, pro or con, please contact me.

Douglas L Carpenter

Childersburg, AL