Editor, The Daily Home:

On March the 26th, an unsigned editorial was published by this paper in predictable support of the unconstitutional dictates of the Obama Administration and the continued governmental assault on individual rights. In addressing the plight of the Green family (the owners of Hobby Lobby), the Daily Home asserts that “individual religious rights” are forfeited the moment that an American citizen chooses to incorporate a business. While this tyrannical view is increasingly popular with secular socialists on the radical left, it is both a shame and disgrace that this paper would engage in such a blatant attack on religious freedom.

In an alarming turn of phrase, you write that a business/corporation is an “instrument of the state” and thus has no claim to constitutionally protected “individual religious rights.” This is nothing more than a totalitarian fantasy. And the implication of the forced compliance that you propose is truly frightening.

The Green family does not preside over an “instrument of the state.” They own a company. The principles of private ownership are still firmly in place.

In a gross abuse of federal power, the Obama Administration has left that family with a choice: Violate your conscience and stay in business … or remain faithful to your conscience and be penalized with severe fines by the IRS.

Let’s be clear. The issue is not about providing contraceptives. That is nothing more than deliberate misrepresentation on behalf of the liberal media. The Green family has no moral objection to the use of preventive contraceptives and already provides employees with coverage for 16 different preventive options.

However, the Green family refuses to have any part in killing children. That is the whole issue. And they will close their doors rather than provide or pay for possibly life-threatening drugs and devices.

This courageous family has chosen to sue the government for their right (and ours) to operate a privately owned company in full accordance with their Christian faith. Despite the objections of the Daily Home, that is their right as Americans. It will be a dark day for the American people if the Obama Administration succeeds in convincing the Supreme Court to rule otherwise.

Benjamin Crawford