Those who hate Trump can be happy, but they will see this country be destroyed, and it will affect them as well as those Americans who use to believe in justice and the American way. 

Had he stood up and led as he should have in the wake of his defeat, Trump could have left town well-positioned to make another presidential run in four years. Instead, the way he has conducted himself the last two months will stick to him the way Watergate did Nixon.

When Black on Black crime occurs, there is a deafening silence that comes over the Black community. Sometimes, we witness the crime and will not say a word. How long, Black Talladega, can we continue to be silent?

The pandemic goes on with ever-rising numbers of coronavirus cases and deaths. Does the current president now focus on the health and welfare of Americans? Does he move on and work for the good of all? No.

It was during the waning days of the 2020 election that a dear friend and I agreed to step up and answer the clarion call of civil duty. We decided to volunteer as poll watcher supervisors in our rural Alabama community.