While Iran and the U.S. are both “standing down” from their missile strikes for the moment, how long will this last? Until their next threat or terrorist act? Until they have completely annexed Iraq? Until their next attack on us or our allies?

I know this title has already conjured up an image for you, but it’s not what you might think. As a fat, stupid kid trying to make friends in Breacon, it was hard at first. I had flaming red hair, I was fat and let’s face it, I was not very bright. 

As a fat stupid 7-year-old, I was excited when my Mother told me we were going “coon” hunting in Horn’s Valley; that’s racoon hunting for you city folks. I knew that I would get to carry my .410 shotgun and maybe even get to shoot something!

I have recently moved into the Alpine area, and was shocked by the death of an alpaca and a family pet on a family farm. They were killed by dogs, namely pit bulls, dropped off “in the country.” The practice of dropping off unwanted animals in rural areas is a horrible practice by quivering …

Last week, I wrote a column pointing out the dilemma President Trump presents for some Christian voters — how many of his policies align with our political goals, but how his behavior displays brazen moral failings on a level not seen before this administration.

Over the past year or so, we have seen a lot in the media about so-called "fake news." You may or may not ascribe to this line of thinking, however, I am seeing evidence of this problem locally on TV news originating out of Birmingham.