Summer food program

The Talladega County school board during its most recent meeting announced plans to implement a summer food program for students from low income families or who may be considered food insecure.

“The Talladega County school system is in the process of becoming accepted into the program, but it is not finalized yet,” said Vanessa Scott, coordinator of child nutrition for the system.

The “Summer Food Service” program is a federally-funded, state-administered program under which meals are served in low income areas at no charge to the students. The program was established to ensure children will receive nutritious meals during the summer vacation months.

Once accepted, the program will have three open site across the county.

Proposed sites include Munford Elementary School, for Munford School students; Lincoln High School, for Lincoln schools students; and Winterboro High School for students from Winterboro schools, Sycamore Elementary, Childersburg schools and Talladega County Central High School.

The county-wide program will serve breakfast and lunch, Monday through Thursday. There will be three school workers at each of the three sites.

“We already have staff willing to participate. This service could be an opportunity for student workers as well,” Scott said.

All meals must be eaten on site, and adult meals will be available for purchase as well.

“Parents will be welcome to come eat with their kids. We want this to be a family friendly environment,” Scott said.

Talladega County Schools has already partnered with the Alabama Childhood Food Solutions Organization, which donates food to students in more than 40 area schools and Boys and Girls Clubs throughout the school year.

Each Friday, ACFS donates food bags to students living in low-income households or families in poverty.

The bags contain items such as bread, peanut butter, crackers and fruit. The bags add up to about 3,000 calories.

“The county has been great with assisting food insecure students throughout the school year, but once classes end, their hunger doesn’t go away,” Scott said.

To find out more about the summer food program, contact Scott at 256-315-5123 or

To learn more about Alabama Food Solutions, visit