SYLACAUGA -- A home improvement retailer is partnering with a community volunteer for an upcoming volunteer project to assist veterans in Talladega County and neighboring counties.

The Sylacauga Home Depot, as part of its September “Celebration of Service” honoring veterans, sought help from Sylacauga native Steve Bowlin, who has assisted the store in similar volunteer projects.

“We have a hard time finding specific veteran-related projects,” Sylacauga store manager Heidi Lloyd said. “We reached out to Steve to see if he knew of any veterans who were in need of repairs, remodels or projects.”

The partnership targets veteran homeowners looking for free home improvement assistance on a first-come, first-served basis, while also taking into account the level of need for the project.

“We’re trying to find veteran families who are in need,” Lloyd said. “Maybe they’re disabled and need a ramp built, or maybe their floor is falling in. The real point for this is emphasis on need because I don’t want Steve to be bombarded by people who live in $300,000 houses, and they’ve just been considering repainting. We’re just trying to find some needy veteran families.”

A member of Word Alive International Outreach in Oxford, Bowlin’s part in the project includes compiling the requests received from veterans looking for help and determining which projects show the greatest need.

“We’re going to consider everything, but not everybody will be able to receive assistance if we get a bunch of requests,” Bowlin said. “We’ve just got to see what they need, then we’ll figure out who we’ll be able to help.”

At the national level, Home Depot donated millions of dollars to veteran families in 2013, according to Lloyd.

She said she believes it’s important to care for the needs of those who have given so much to their country.

“There’s such a need with our veterans today,” Lloyd said. “When they get back home, they face so much adversity. As a home improvement company, one of the small pieces of adversity we can help them out with is home repairs. We’re very fortunate as a company to give back to the community, not just in September, but all year round. The company has put a huge emphasis on focusing on veterans and making sure we’re taking care of those people who are protecting us every day.”

Veteran homeowners in need of home repairs may contact Bowlin at 256-750-5999 to submit a request for aid.

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