The Alabama Department of Environmental Management will seek bids for clearing an illegal dump site on Cemetery Road in Sycamore.

According to ADEM spokesman Scott Hughes, the department made the announcement Friday, opening the door for companies to bid on the project until 10 a.m. on Sept. 10.

“We have a program in place where we can provide financial resources for a contractor to come clean up these sites,” Hughes said.

Prospective contractors interested in submitting a bid must attend a mandatory bid-preview meeting at the dump site on Tuesday, Aug. 19, at 8:30 a.m.

Hughes explained this helps the bidders understand the scope of work so they can bid more accurately.

“This gives contractors an opportunity to walk around the site ad assess how much resources will be needed to clean up the site,” Hughes said. “We want to make sure the contractor learns what is out there so they can submit a good, solid, accurate bid that will allow us to get the site cleaned up without overpaying the contractor.”

Hughes noted the funding for the project comes from the department’s solid waste program as a way to help protect innocent landowners who are unaware of illegal dumping on their property.

“Since 2008, ADEM’s solid waste program has been responsible for cleaning up more than 800 unauthorized dump sites and removing more than 40,000 tons of solid waste,” Hughes said. “This program goes a long way toward helping Alabama live up to its nickname, ‘Alabama, the Beautiful.’”

For more information regarding the site location, contact Ashley Powell at 334-271-7760.

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