MOODY – A suspicious cardboard box by a door at Moody High School was discovered by police Sunday around 11 p.m.

St. Clair Schools Superintendent Jenny Seals said she received a call late Sunday night concerning the situation.

“The Moody Police Department does a great job making routine checks on the schools,” Seals said. “They did find a suspicious package, and they took the precautionary measures they needed in order to make sure the school was safe. I talked to Principal Cheryl Kuyk Monday morning, and she said everything was normal.”

Moody Police Chief Thomas Hunt said one of his officers saw a cardboard box with an antenna-like object sticking out of it by the door going into the school on the bottom floor on the lunchroom side of the senior hall.

Because they thought it suspicious, they called the Jefferson County and Birmingham bomb squads who used a robot to blow up the box.

“There were a total of three bomb squads that came out,” Hunt said. “They did not find any blasting caps or other device. They did find plastic bags and a fluff-like substance (like wads of cotton). The antenna was actually a pencil wrapped in duct tape.”

Hunt said his department used pass keys to enter the school in order to search the inside of the school.

“They did a thorough inspection and found nothing else suspicious,” Hunt said. “The officer on duty did an excellent job. He was on foot patrolling the school when he saw the box. I also want to thank the Jefferson County and Birmingham bomb squads for their assistance.”

Kuyk said Hunt called her and recommended that school be open as usual on Monday,” Kuyk said.

“Today (Monday) has been uneventful," Kuyk said. "I appreciate the Moody Police Department for their quick response to what could have been a serious situation. We feel that our students and staff are safe at Moody High School because of the continuous support of Chief Hunt and the Moody Police Department.”

Hunt said he believes this was just a prank to be able to get out of school on Monday. The incident is still under investigation by the Moody Police Department.

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