PELL CITY – The Board of Education held its first board meeting in the new central office building Tuesday night.

“Let the record show, we’re at the Pell City school system’s central office,” Board Vice Chairman Cecil Fomby said to open the meeting.

Superintendent Michael Barber said there is still work that needs to be completed, but everything should be finished by the end of August.

“We want to stop and thank everyone who made this possible,” Barber said.

He said the board hopes to have an open house in early September.

“We’re excited about that,” Barber said. “… We are still unpacking, but we’re still here working.”

Board member Jeff Jones said the new central office has adequate space for central office personnel.

“They did a wonderful job renovating it,” Jones said. “It will meet our needs for many, many years.”

The board bought the building from the St. Clair County Commission for $125,000. The facility was formerly the St. Clair County Department of Human Resources headquarters. That agency leased the facility from the St. Clair County Commission until a fire gutted a wing of the building.

The building has remained vacant since 2009, until the Board bought it last year and began renovations this year.

Board member Joe Sawyer said the total price tag for the facility is about $400,000, once all work on the building is completed.

He said the new central office provides enough space to house all central office personnel.

“This is going to be great, bringing everyone under one roof,” Sawyer said. “This is going to help a lot … I’m looking forward to the open house.”

Gary Mozingo, facility supervisor for the school system, said work continues in the training area of the facility, which is in the wing damaged by the 2009 fire, which was set by an unknown arsonist.

“We’re starting to hang Sheetrock,” he said, adding that work on the wiring and ducts for the heating and air has already begun.

Mozingo said the training area is expected to be finished by Aug. 26.

“I would like to thank everyone for coming out tonight,” Fomby said at the close of the board meeting. “I hope you enjoy the new central office.”

In other matters Tuesday night, the board:

O Accepted the resignation of Iola Roberts Elementary School principal Roy Bliss, Pell City High School science teacher Ashlie Clayton, Rise Academy special education teacher Heather Lindsey, Williams Intermediate sixth-grade teacher Melissa Simpson and Pell City High School sophomore class sponsor Micha Anex, which does not affect her teaching position.

O Approved hiring Kaylan Mitchell as an Eden Elementary School third-grade teacher, Virginia Cole as a Pell City High School science teacher, Lisa Rhinehart as a Williams Intermediate sixth-grade language arts teacher, Heather McLeod as a Walter M. Kennedy Elementary School teacher, Brook Evans as a Duran North and South Junior High School cheerleader coach for football, Ashley Pierce as a Duran North Junior High School English language arts teacher, Emily Webster as a Rise Academy/ Williams Intermediate special education teacher, Kayla Minor as a Williams Intermediate special education teacher, and John Santoro III as a Williams Intermediate teacher assistant.

O Reassigned Lisa Pops from a Pell City High School special education teacher to a Pell City High School assistant principal.

O Approved the transfer of Krista Baker from a Coosa Valley Elementary second-grade teacher to a technology teacher and building tech coordinator at Duran North Junior High School; and of Elizabeth Grimes from a Williams Intermediate School assistant principal to the Iola Roberts Elementary School principal spot.

O Approved the contract of Dr. Chris Reeve as a special education consultant.

O Approved the leave of absence for Duran South Junior High School media specialist Jerry Crowder for August and September.

O Approved to participate in the Alabama Association of School Boards 2014-2015 Legal Assistance Fund.

O Approved the renewal of membership to the Alabama Association of School Boards.

O Approved the new policy pertaining to the system data use and governance policy.

O Approved a Pell City High School science field trip from June 16-24 to Paris, France.

O Approved the creation of a heart trail in the existing outdoor classroom at Eden Elementary School and the creation of a storage are in the existing gymnasium.

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