The City of Lincoln announced a new position to oversee animal control and nuisance abatement issues.

“Matt White, a seven-year veteran with the Lincoln Police Department, will be performing not only those duties but community outreach programs as well,” Lincoln Police Chief Travis McGrady said. “It is not just a ‘dog catcher’ position.”

McGrady introduced White at Tuesday’s council meeting.

McGrady said there has been much discussion and multiple attempts to address animal control issues in the city, even before the council passed an ordinance as required in 2010 after the city's population surpassed 5,000.

“The mayor and council recognized this as a necessity, and have been working diligently to address it,” he said. “Combined with nuisance abatement (for weeds) it will give a lot of attention to two areas which both city government and the public desperately want.”

McGrady said White is well-known throughout the city.

“Matt has a great working relationship with our businesses and residents,” he said. “He is an animal lover with extensive training including animal control and rescue.”

Lincoln Mayor Bud Kitchin said the position will be a community outreach program.

“We will establish a meeting with our local vet to see what needs he sees in the community,” he said. “We plan to establish a platform for more community involvement in the future, but the program is just starting in the outreach capacity and we are taking it slowly to get it right.”

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