The Christ Community Church in Springville is seeking a storage area as it gears up for a wheelchair drive which will help provide wheelchairs, metal walkers and crutches to the needy in third-world countries.

Eunice Galloway said the church is participating in the Wheels for the World program through the Joni and Friends (JAF) organization.

“JAF is a non-profit organization developed as an outreach to special needs people, both physical and intellectually, with an emphasis on local awareness of disability needs in a community,” Galloway recently told the Springville Council.

Galloway was hoping that the council could help her find unused storage space to store items collected from the county-wide drive. She said the donated items could remain in storage anywhere from two weeks to two months.

She explained the steps to collect, refurbish and distribute wheelchairs, metal walkers and crutches to people in third-world countries.

“We collect used, unneeded or outgrown manual wheelchairs, but also other mobility devices, such as metal walkers or crutches," Galloway said. “After the drive, a collections volunteer will take what we collect and transport them to a pre-qualified prison where specialty inmates will restore them to like-new condition.”

She said from there, the refurbished items are sent to selected underdeveloped countries around the world.

“I’ve been on two Wheels for the World teams that meet the chairs in places like India, Egypt, Romania, Guatemala, Peru and Haiti,” Galloway said.

She said the church hopes there is participation throughout the county.  

“We would welcome any help from the council to spread the word for folks to empty their garages or homes of these devices they don’t use anymore,” Galloway said. “We’ll accept any manual wheelchair, adult or pediatric, metal walker or metal crutches and canes.”

She also said the group will accept parts to wheelchairs, such as leg supports and wheels.

Anyone who may have an available storage area or building, or those who have more questions about the Wheels for the World program, can contact Galloway at 205-467-6686 or 205-542-0070.

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