He’s the guy you may have had in class with you as a teenager, right there at Sylacauga High School.

But a lot has changed since those days for David Robinson, who’s now known in some circles by another name.

When you “meet” David Merlin in one of his newest personas he’s named “Psycho Jack,” you’re likely not to even recognize the bald-headed jeering scary looking entertainer he’s become.

And he’s such an entertainer with his take in the business, you can look for him Tuesday night when America’s Got Talent airs.

He doesn’t know how much of his act will air or exactly when it will air during the program, but he does know it will air.

His connection with the program began its journey about three months ago.

“I was contacted by a Hollywood casting agent about performing on Americas Got Talent,” Robinson said.“I showed interest and also told them about a new magical and comedy character I had invented known as Psycho Jack.”

After the producers saw photos of Robinson’s character and got an idea of his persona, Robinson said the “emails and phone calls started coming in.”

The program directors wanted Robinson to show more, that being the character Jack in action doing what he does best, and that being his illusion making.

“I had to quickly put together something in a couple of days and send it to them on video file,” Robinson said. “The next morning they saw the video, and within an hour, they wanted to book me on the show.”

Robinson has been sworn to secrecy about some of the details, but he can tell just enough to keep his followers interested.

“I still have to keep certain things ‘hush hush’ but I can tell you that I have been flown out to New York city on two separate occasions and in front of celebrity judges Howard Stern, Howie Mandel, Mel B, and Heidi Klum twice,” he said. “I made it all the way to what they Boot Camp for eight days. Only the top 70 acts out of 100,000 entries made it to boot camp.”

Robinson and one other person are representing the state of Alabama in the upcoming show.

“I can’t say anything more than that right now,” Robinson said.

Robinson was only recently told he would air on a “Best of Show” Tuesday, July 15. “Some are acts that you may have already seen, but there are many that you haven't seen, including Psycho Jack,” Robinson said.“And I could be seen for a few seconds or a few minutes, depending on how the producers wanted to structure it. If I am not mistaken, it will be footage of myself in front of the judges along with a massive audience at Madison Square Garden Theater.”

Robinson can share that he will be wearing bright orange-colored scrubs in the segments.


Robinson uses the stage name David Merlin and you can see him on his web site, http://www.davidmerlin.com/.

His mother, Earlene Robinson, still lives in Sylacauga and Robinson now lives in Birmingham.

“I spent the last 3 years building a new magic and illusion show in Sylacauga, in which I finished last November and shot a promotional video last December at Sylacauga High Auditorium,” he said. That video is on the website.”

Robinson has appeared in past years on such shows as David Letterman and Comedy Central.

“I got interested in magic from watching David Copperfield and Doug Henning,” he said.“A friend of mine, Charles Liner, actually got me involved in magic by taking me to the Birmingham Magic Club back in 1991.”

Robinson’s interests have taken him to many places through the years.

“I have lived in California, as well as Las Vegas, and I have traveled for many years performing on cruise ships world-wide. In 2000, I put together a presentation at Universal Studios Hollywood, and helped pitch the idea for the Harry Potter Theme Park, which has came to life and is called "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter" in Universal Orlando,” he said.

People can follow Robinson on Twitter under PsychoJackMagic and under the same name on Facebook.

His “job” is one that has numerous plusses, Robinson said.

“I enjoy making children smile and making adults feel like a kid again, forgetting all their problems and stress of everyday life,” he said.