MOODY – Brandon Channell said he just couldn’t believe it was real. People he didn’t even know came together with his friends and relatives Saturday to help him with an event called Brandon’s Ride.

Two years ago, Channell was in a car accident that left him paralyzed, and he is in need of a handicap-accessible van.

This past Saturday at Moody Park, Brandon’s Ride raised $3,000 to go toward the purchase of that van.

“I am amazed by everything that is happening today, and I really do not know what to say,” Channell said. “There are still a lot of good people out in the world.”

Channell’s wife, Serena, said the day was awesome, and it thrilled her to see all the people come out and support them.

“For them to come out and help us get a van is just amazing,” she said.

Stacie Looney, Serena Channell's sister, expressed thanks for the number of people who came out to show support and help the family.

“It shows me people do care about them, and that makes me feel good,” Looney said.

Mark Ellsworth said this means a lot to him.

“It shows that a lot of people care," Ellsworth said. “And that means a lot in a time and era where it seems a lot of people don’t really care. It’s just a wonderful thought when you can get a few people together to help someone they really don’t even know.”

Mandy Ellsworth said this means the world to her to be able to help someone in her community.

“This event is giving this family the opportunity to be a real family,” she said. “It is making a dream a reality for them.”

Cindy Colvin, executive director of Royal Family Kids Camp 218, said, “It is amazing that they would allow us to set up out here to bring awareness to child abuse while they are out here trying to raise money they need. You have a hurting family that needs help, and people out here helping those who are hurting. That is what we’re supposed to do as Christian people.”

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