SYLACAUGA -- Greystone Neurology and Pain Center moved its Sylacauga office to a new location in mid-June to better serve its patients.

“We needed more room and outgrew our other space,” said Dr. Hisham Hakim, owner of Greystone Neurology and Pain Center.

Hakim said the new location is the 100-year-old bank building at 234 N. Broadway Ave.

“The building is just right for us,” he said. “The building is a century old, and I’ve been practicing for 23 years, almost a quarter-century.”

Hakim said he began his practice in Sylacauga, eventually branching out to locations in Talladega and Birmingham.

“Sylacauga is a very neat city,” he said. “It has a lot to offer, with great neighbors and friends in the area. I like the family atmosphere, with things close and convenient.”

Hakim's practice treats a variety of ailments.

“I treat back and neck pain to try to prevent surgery, and also treat pain after surgery,” he said. “I treat chronic pain conditions with a comprehensive program including evaluation, diagnostic tests if needed (MRI, EMG for nerve damage, ultrasound, etc.) and do selective nerve blocks. We offer physical therapy, as well, and inter-discal decompression to treat herniated discs. The IDD has an 82 percent success rate.”

Hakim said pain management can include medication protocol, which can help with a patient’s other conditions caused by the injury or pain.

“Neurology is a very fascinating field,” he said. “Neuroscience is very challenging, and it is at the discovery stage now. People know about the heart, but not as much about neurology. Spinal pain can affect a lot of things such as sleep, work, relationships and more. We use the comprehensive approach to get patients back on track and back to their lives.”

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