Alvin Barnett

Alvin Barnett is a history teacher at Childersburg High School.

I sometimes wonder what I would have done if I had not decided to teach and coach as a profession.

It is always fun to think about alternate career paths had I not got into the field of education. I really enjoy what I do and I love coming to work each day, but sometimes I think about other careers. I love the weather and have always enjoyed watching The Weather Channel. I can stare at the channel that just shows the radar for several minutes before I change the channel. My wife finds this very strange.

I guess it goes back to my youth when my dad would always take us to our neighbor’s basement during spring storms. Our neighbor had survived a bad tornado in his youth and he, like my dad, had a healthy respect for the weather.

Our neighbor’s house was destroyed in the tornado when he was a child, and he said it was so bad it sucked the feathers off their chickens. I had always envisioned a flock of chickens running around in the yard just completely naked.

I often think that I could have been a weather man, but there are several problems with that career choice. One, I have the perfect face for radio, not television. I could have never gotten a job in front of the cameras. I guess I could have worked for the National Weather Service. Two, I am terrified of lightning, and being a weather man requires one to go out in all kinds of weather. Finally, being a meteorologist requires a college major that is heavy laden with science classes. I could never balance an equation in high school chemistry and I took the two easiest science classes I could find at Auburn University in order to complete my undergraduate degree.

Also, being a weather man in Alabama would be really boring in the summer. I would get tired of saying, “a high of 96 with a chance of afternoon thunderstorms.” I guess choosing a weather career is just a dream that I can never fulfill. I think I will just buy one of those in home weather centers that cost about one hundred dollars. I can predict the weather for Jennifer and a few of my neighbors.

My other career dream might surprise you. I would love to be a roadie for a rock band. I love all types of music with the exception of country music. I watch music videos quite often and I use a

lot of music to help teach my U.S. History classes. Since I can’t sing and I can’t play an instrument, the next best thing would be to work as support for the band. I could just see myself with long hair and earrings. I would wear a t-shirt that would say, “No backstage passes!” I would wear shorts to each concert, and I would get tattoos on my calves. One tattoo would say, “I love Mama.” The other would say, “Back off” with a picture of Yosemite Sam under the caption.

Once again this career choice presents several problems. For starters, I am basically bald so growing long hair is out of the question.

Also, loud music gives me a headache and most concerts are pretty loud. It would also require me to be out very late at night and since I am normally asleep on my couch my by 8:30, this could be problematic.

Finally, I am terrified of needles and the earrings and the tattoos would require needles. I guess working for a rock band is, like meteorology, a pipe dream.

I guess that just leaves me to do what I truly love, teaching students at Childersburg High School. I will get up five days a week and stay young teaching our leaders of the future.

Not a bad gig at all.

I hope everyone has a great day.

Alvin Barnett is a history teacher at Childersburg High School.