Well, this morning I once again wore out my eyes searching for a wee tidbit of news that might actually describe our President Trump in a good view.

Perhaps something he did to fulfill his campaign promises to make America great again. Nothing could I find about how he led Congress to cut taxes and actually give people back some money to live on as well as to companies to reinvest, which is being done. Some news about Apple investing billions, or jobs coming back from Mexico and overseas. Perhaps a mention about Walmart giving out bonuses to employees and raising their minimum wage because of this tax break. Something  about how new car companies are opening in Limestone County creating several thousand jobs for Alabama and actually giving the credit to our Republican president instead of the previous “do nothing” administration.   

Why don’t you report that not only are white people finding jobs now, but how blacks and Hispanics have the lowest unemployment EVER and how welfare is the lowest in years.

Hey, even about the stock market making high records weekly over 70 times since President Trump took office.   

Perhaps your paper posting something good about President Trump’s stand against North Korea and the Rocket Man. Write how the president’s tough stance and tweets, instead of hurting relations, have perhaps caused what we see now, North and South Korea sitting down and talking together for the first time in years. And the Taliban and terrorist numbers are way down and their body count way up under President Trump.

If the Daily Struggle would actually back off the negative and sometimes fake news of the New York Times and be fair and balanced in your reporting, you just might have a good paper.

Johnny Arant