PELL CITY – The City Council approved rental fees for specific areas of the newly renovated civic center Monday night. 

City Manager Brian Muenger said the new fees mirror the fees the council set for the Municipal Complex building. 

“Both the conference room and the arts and crafts room are offered for half-day rentals, while the multi-purpose room (Banquet Room II) and the gymnasium are only available for full-day rentals, due to the amount of setup and cleanup time necessary for programming a space that size,” Muenger told the council. 

The gymnasium can be rented for the entire day for $450, with a $100 cleaning fee. The multi-purpose room costs $300 for a full-day rental, with a $50 cleaning fee. 

The conference room costs $75 for a half-day rental and $150 for a full day, with a $50 cleanup fee. The arts and crafts room can be rented out for half-day at a cost of $50 and $100 for a full day, with a $50 cleanup fee. 

Cleaning fees are refundable upon inspection of the rooms that are rented by the public. 

The newly remodeled civic center officially opened July 29. 

Muenger said more than 700 people have signed up for various memberships since the Civic Center’s reopening. 

“It’s been really nice to get back in there,” he said. 

Parks and Recreation Department Director Bubba “Harold” Edge said people are still coming in to tour the newly renovated facility. 

“People can’t believe what it looks like now,” he said. “Everybody is really excited about it.”

Edge said they have issued a “tremendous amount” of the $5 daily passes since the reopening. He put the total around 540.

“I think people want to check it out,” he said. “A lot of people have been using the gym.”

Mayor Bill Pruitt commended Edge and his staff for all their work.

“The people are extremely pleased (with the Civic Center),” he said. 

The $2 million renovation project took about 18 months to complete.