Vote no to increase St. Clair property taxes.

Why would I say this as a retired educator?

State Rep. Jim Hill left out several important points last week that we as taxpayers should remember.

Alabama teachers earn an average of $49,000 per year. With summer vacation and generous holiday time off, they actually only spend nine months in the classroom.

However, the teachers are really getting short-changed when compared to the pay of high school football coaches. For example, the Pell City coach was paid $95,000 per year and taught very little. Hoover paid $120,000.

Unlike Nick Saban, who can earn $10 million and return $100 million back to the university, the high school coaches return zero dollars in revenue to the school. As long as our schools can afford to pay high school coaches big salaries, they obviously do not need any more property tax dollars.

Dr. Fred Viohl, Ed.D

Pell City