A candidate for state representative District 33 left a flyer on my door today. At least they are doing some door-to-door work.

That's admirable.

However, the wording of the flyer left me cold. Talladega county native … I'm not impressed with other natives.

Local attorney … I'll not hold that against them. I do doubt that it helps.

"President Trump is working to Drain the Swamp in D.C., and I want to do the same in Montgomery."

No one finds fault with draining the swamp in Montgomery. I do find fault with an Alabama candidate who thinks Trump is draining the swamp in D.C.

The brochure also states the candidate has FRESH IDEAS and BOLD LEADERSHIP.

If that is true, why tie yourself to Trump? Don't try to get elected on the "coattail" of a person who apparently has no morals.

I fail to see how a candidate can say they have Alabama conservative values and tie themselves to President Trump.

Ring my doorbell if you are your own person, are not tied to a Washington crowd, and will not  just say anything to get elected.

Come on by.

Don Stephens