Heidi Todd

Heidi Todd 

RIVERSIDE – A 4-year-old South Carolina girl reported missing in a abduction case was found by Riverside authorities Wednesday.

“She’s in the Fire Department drinking chocolate milk and eating cookies,” Riverside fire Chief Tim Kurzejeski said.

According to South Carolina news reports, Heidi Todd was taken from her Johns Island home in Charleston County after her mother was assaulted Tuesday.

Authorities were notified after the girl’s mother failed to pick up two of her children at school the same day.

According to The Post & Courier in Charleston, police were still trying to determine the motive for the abduction.

Kurzejeski said the Fire Department and Police Department both responded to a call by dispatch that railroad workers saw a suspicious vehicle parked near the tracks on an access road along a woodline.

He said it was reported there was a man unconscious in the vehicle with a child.

“That’s why the Fire Department responded,” Kurzejeski said.

Police Chief Rick Oliver questioned the driver, and the group was about to head back to the police station so the man’s story could be confirmed when the suspect fled the scene.

Kurzejeski said the suspect fled in an older model blue Impala once Oliver and Kurzejeski had custody of the child.

He said they had entered the wooded area from a different direction on-foot, which is why Oliver could not pursue the suspect.

“The important thing is that we have the child,” Kurzejeski said.

No other information was available, but the FBI was enroute to Riverside.