TALLADEGA -- I have given this a few days to settle in the minds of my fellow Roll Tide fans that this year we came in as the second best team in the nation.

I congratulate Clemson and Coach Dabo Swinney for being this year’s National Champions.

I settled in to watch the best two teams in the nation battle for that prestigious title as Bama was the defending National Champions.

The National Anthem begin to play and the camera scanned the two teams that were about to face each other. Clemson players were respectfully standing with hand over heart facing the flag.

Alabama players were standing and disrespecting the flag. I hope there were some who were honoring it, but the view I saw was sickening. Hands down to their side and acting like this country and the flag was of no importance to them.

I have been a Bama fan for as long as I can remember and no matter where I was at, if possible I always watched or listened to the games.

My allegiance to my God, to the flag, to this country, to the active duty military, to all veterans, especially those who gave all goes much further and deeper than my allegiance to any ballplayer.

My challenge to the entire athletic program and to the coaches is to put your priorities in order.

The best team won. Second place is not bad, but last in respect is despicable. Bama fans let this sink in from a fellow Bama fan.

Just want to say that I am not disappointed in your play on the field, but am very disappointed in the disrespect and lack of patriotism.

And I end with this: My ultimate HERO never wore a helmet, but he did wear a crown of thorns.

Roger Gunter