Authorities investigating damage done to vehicles traveling US 11 on Thursday night

Springville Investigator Frank Mathews

Springville Investigator Frank Mathews said authorities are investigating an incident in which at least eight vehicles were damaged Thursday night.


SPRINGVILLE – Authorities are investigating a Thursday night incident in which several vehicles were damaged along U.S. 11, between Springville and Argo. 

“We have two people of interest that we are talking to,” said Springville Investigator Frank Mathews. 

He said the vehicles were damaged while traveling along U.S. 11 but added the damage was not made from a firearm. 

Mathews declined to say how the moving vehicles sustained damage, but nobody was injured in the incident. 

“At this point, we know of eight vehicles that were damaged, windows or body damage,” he said. 

He said the moving vehicles were damaged between 8-9 p.m.

“At this time, it is still under investigation, and we will release more information as the case progresses,” Mathews said.