The Fayetteville Wolves have 10 days until the start of the 2014 season, which is something that third year coach John Limbaugh is glad about. Limbaugh said he has been impressed with certain aspects of his football team, but overall, he doesn’t feel like they are ready to kick off the season.

“It has been going well,” Limbaugh said. “We have been working hard. It seems like we have been able to do things that we wanted to do. We are not where we want to be and we not ready yet, but we will get ready. With summer happening and getting back to school, I think it put everybody behind the eight ball a little. We are in the same boat as everybody else. We had a good spirited practice today, so we are excited.”

The Wolves will take on Chelsea and B.B.Comer in their fall jamboree on Thursday night. After two weeks of hitting each other, the Wolves welcome the opportunity to hit a player from an opposing team.

“Hopefully, it will be a good thing for us,” Limbaugh said. “We get to hit on somebody besides ourselves. We have been hitting on ourselves so long, they are ready to hit on somebody else. We are looking forward to it.”

The Wolves entered fall camp with a competition for the quarterback job. Jacob Skinner won the quarterback battle due to his leadership abilities. Limbaugh made it clear that if one of the quarterbacks plays extremely well or poorly on Thursday, it will affect who starts the season opener against Central Coosa.

“The thing about all three of our quarterbacks is that every one of them does something better than the others,” Limbaugh said. “I need to be able to put all three into one kid. Jacob Skinner is our senior and he has the leadership factor, and he is going to be our starter.  He is going to go into the season as our starter. As with any position on the field, if somebody falls behind, that next man is ready to step in. I really love the things that Bailey Deloach is doing. I really like the way Wesson Bowden is throwing the football. It is really and truly a tight quarterback race, but I think the senior leadership put Jacob Skinner over the top for that starting role.”

Limbaugh said he is proud of what he has seen from his offensive line during fall practice. The Wolves return the majority of their players off the line last season.

“We had our players that we thought were going to step in and do a good job,” Limbaugh said. “In the backfield, we have four players that I can put back there that can go. Our offensive line is senior-laden. We have a very strong offensive line, so I am very proud of all of those guys. We have Hunter Goins at left tackle. Grayson Shaw at left guard, he is as good as they come. We have a young guy at center and he is doing a great job for us. He is a 10th grader, but he has done a great job for us. Luke Murphy; I am really proud of him. We will be starting a couple of guys on the right side. We have Cole Ford at right guard and Terry Wallace at the right tackle position. I am really proud of the way those guys are flying off the football. They are doing a good job for us.”

Limbaugh also said he has been impressed with the play of sophomore wide receiver Sam Manning.

Limbaugh said he likes the mentality that his team displays as they approach practice and games. After going 6-4 last season, Limbaugh said his team knows what it takes to be successful.

“I think our kids understand the blue-collar mentality of who we have to be,” Limbaugh said. “That’s what I like about these kids, they come ready to work. (Monday) as they hit the field, you could see the enthusiasm and it was exciting to see. I’ll tell you this much, I have done this for a while now, and once the lightning cleared off we went back to the field. I have carried teams back to the field before and it is just not there. When these kids went back out, it was just as they never left. The focus that you need is there. These guys are hungry and they want to win and they do know what it takes. They want to win, they are working for it today and that is what I am proud of them for.”

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