Deputies with the Coosa County Sheriff’s Department have begun using on-body cameras to capture footage of their interactions with the public, Sheriff Terry Wilson announced in a press release. All nine of the department’s deputies are now equipped with these cameras.

“Starting in August, our deputies were issued the Taser Axon Body-Cameras. This device is an ultra-durable on-officer camera designed to balance both simplicity and performance. It is a single unit designed for easy deployment with a single button to make digital recordings,” Wilson said.

“With the addition of the body cameras, our deputies will be able to capture all evidence and interactions while on patrol and while on duty.”

The on-body camera is in addition to the in-car cameras already in use in patrol units.

“These cameras will be used to record law enforcement activity including vehicle pursuits, traffic stops, investigative contacts, use-of-force situations, and crimes in progress,” Wilson said. “Having cameras on our deputies will give us the most complete view of interactions between them and members of the community. We believe the public expects us to know exactly what is happening on the streets. Now we have that ability.”