CHILDERSBURG -- The City Council postponed a vote on a 1 percent sales and use tax increase to a called work session and meeting next Tuesday.

“I think we need a work session to discuss which roads to fix and meeting so we can vote on it if we want,” Council President Jimmy Payne said.

The council unanimously voted to hold a work session at 6 p.m. July 8, immediately followed by a called meeting.

The proposed ordinance would increase the sales and use tax from 8 percent to 9 percent, with the additional revenue earmarked for street improvements.

Mayor B.J. Meeks said the additional tax should bring in approximately $450,000 a year.

“We set it up for six years, and it could continue if the next administration wants,” he said.

An attendee asked if the council had any money already set aside for paving.

“We have some, but it won’t cover enough,” Meeks said. “We need a comprehensive plan and money in place for roads. I don’t like taxes, but I want to set it up for the next administration. I think it would be poor judgment on our part not to do something.”

The attendee suggested the City Council possibly have an engineer ride around and look at the roads in question and offer input on the order in which the streets are repaired.

“We (mayor and council) will cruise it and look at the condition of the road and the amount of traffic on it,” Meeks said.

In other matters Tuesday, the council:

• Approved a one-eighth page color ad in The Daily Home newspaper’s “My Hometown” section in the amount of $153.80 using the Industrial Park sign picture.

• Adopted the City of Childersburg Zoning Map July 2014.

• Adopted the 2014 City of Childersburg Comprehensive Plan as an advisory policy document, which is relatively unchanged from the previous comprehensive plan.

• Approved to advertise for an administrative position for accounting/payroll.

• Approved to advertise for a magistrate position.

• Approved travel and training expense for police chief Doug Wesson to attend the Alabama Association of Chiefs of Police Summer Conference in Orange Beach July 28-31 with $200 registration cost and $100 membership fee, per diem, mileage and lodging.