Editor, The Daily Home:

In his editorial of 6/25/14 Brant Ayers stated that the Tea Party stands for nothing. Well, if you mean advocating secure, borders, Constitutional Law, smaller, limited government, balanced budget, lower taxes, a strong military, and reasonable government regulations then I guess he is right! For two centuries these principals worked very well and lifted more people from poverty than any other government in the history of mankind. A return to these will “heal our land.” I think Teddy would ride with us! 

The current crop of elected officials have certainly done a great job, haven’t they? We could swap them man for man at Brice Hospital and come out ahead.  At least they would be loyal Americans. Everything our POTUS advocates weakens America industrially, morally or militarily. Even Nero did not invite hoards of barbarians across their borders illegally. 

As Obama’s great friend Bill Ayres (any kin?) said after he was elected:

“This is our chance to destroy Capitalism!”