TALLADEGA- After several months of searching, Talladega College named Kevin Herod as its head women’s basketball coach. Herod served as an assistant for the Lady Tornadoes from 2009 to 2013, and last season he served as eligibility director and assistant athletic director for Talladega College.

“I am very excited and blessed,” Herod said. “I just again want to thank Coach (Will) Ramos, Vice President (Jacqueline) Paddio, and Dr. (Billy) Hawkins for giving me this opportunity to continue to carry on the legacy that’s been started. I have been here since 2009. I have been here through all the success which Coach Romeo has built. I want to thank him for giving me a lot of information as far as learning just the collegiate side of the game. I have been in basketball for over 20 years, but on the collegiate level I definitely want to thank him for that support. It is a new era, a new time. I just want to continue to do great things. I want to bring in not only good basketball players, but good people, and that is what I intend to do.”

Athletic Director Will Ramos has worked with Herod since 2009 and he believes Herod has what it takes to carry the Lady Tornadoes to the next level.

“I am very happy and excited about introducing Kevin Herod as the new basketball coach for Talladega College. I believe that with the support of the administration, after a long search for the women’s head basketball coach, finally we made the decision to let Kevin Herod assume that role. He has been with the program since the beginning with Coach Romeo. I believe that he learned the tools and that he is well prepared. He is a strong recruiter, and that is a strong part of being successful at this level. He knows the athletics in and out. He is well prepared and he knows the game really well and he knows how to teach it.  He is a strong recruiter so we are excited about this opportunity.”

Last season, the Lady Tornadoes were 19-1 before Romeo Lagmay resigned for personal reasons.  Tarniesha Scott stepped in as the interim coach. She led TC to a 26-5 record, a Gulf Coast Atlantic Conference title and their first-ever trip to the National Athletic Intercollegiate Association National Tournament. With TC only having five players returning, Herod will have to depend on recruiting to build next season’s team. 

“I plan on continuing to recruit strong,” he said. “I am a strong recruiter. I don’t believe in rebuilding years, I believe in continuing to go hard. I think the players that we are looking at and bringing in could continue that tradition. I want to do better than we did last year. That is going to start now.”

Next season will be Herod’s first season as a head coach on the collegiate level. Before coming to Talladega, he was the head coach of a varsity basketball team in Maryland. As an assistant coach, he helped the Lady Tornadoes win 78 games and USCAA Nation Championship during the 2009-2010 season. Last season, he traded his coaching whistle in for a computer as eligibility director. He said he enjoys aspects of both coaching and administration.

“I always had the fire (to coach), but at the same time I also loved the sports administration part of it,” Herod said. “I have a great mentor right now in Coach Ramos. He has really shown me a lot as far sports administration and being an assistant AD, so it actually feeds both sides of it. It has also made me a better basketball coach, because it is one thing to just know the X’s and O’s but you do have to understand the business side of whatever collegiate sports you take forth. It has been a great experience, and I continue to build on that.”

Herod named former TC point guard Ashawnte Hawkins as an assistant coach.

“I think she is going to bring a lot of energy and background as far as her playing and being able to relate to players,” Herod said.” Her basketball IQ is extremely high. She has been able to show me her enthusiasm not just as a basketball player, but she also has done some AAU coaching. She is not just fresh out there. I am glad and very blessed to have her on board. She will be doing a lot of recruiting as well.”

Ramos expects volleyball and soccer coaching positions to be filled next week.