PELL CITY -- Orange Beach developer Ken Montgomery has expressed interest in purchasing the 190-acre Pine Harbor Golf & Racquet Club from the Lemak Group for $3 million.

Montgomery met with about 20 Pine Harbor residents and Pell City officials Thursday at City Hall, and had high hopes of being able to bring a survey with him, but he didn’t have it. Until then, it’s a wait-and-see situation, he said. 

“They told me the survey would be ready July 4,” Montgomery said. “It’s not, but I hope to have it Monday.”

Once Montgomery has the survey in hand, he has 30 days to make his decision. He added that when he first talked to the Lemak Group, the asking price for the property was $5.6 million. Then it fell to $3.5 million. Montgomery still said no, and then they made an offer of $3 million which he is considering. 

Representing the city in Thursday’s discussion were City Manager Patrick Draper and Council President James McGowan.

“My official position is that we haven’t started anything yet,” Draper said. “The next appropriate step I think is for Mr. Montgomery and me to talk one day next week. I’d like to give him a few ideas I have.”

McGowan said an offer by Montgomery would be something to look at.

“We were so close before,” McGowan said. “If we can sit down with Mr. Montgomery, maybe we can come up with something.”

In late April, a 10-year lease agreement that had been tentatively worked out between the city and The Lemak Group for the Pine Harbor Golf & Racquet Club appeared to be nearing approval before hitting a snag when property owners rejected a proposed change to the contract and ended negotiations. At a called council meeting on April 21, McGowan and Draper confirmed that an agreement could not be finalized and officially closed the door on the city working out a deal with The Lemak Group. 

Pine Harbor resident Barnett Lawley told Montgomery Thursday that until there is a money figure, they can’t do anything, but several asked various questions concerning lots, the golf course itself and some even said they would work with him any way they could.

“If I decide to buy the property, you can help me a lot,” Montgomery said.