A scam that has already targeted several Talladega County residents in recent days has prompted the sheriff to issue communitywide caution.

According to Talladega County Sheriff Jimmy Kilgore, three residents have come forward with claims they received a letter originating from Canada and saying it’s from either Publisher’s Clearing House or the Canadian lottery.

“These letters say the person has won $1 million, and the resident has to pay a one-time small tax or processing fee,” Kilgore said. “They provide a blank check for the person to use and a contact number to speak with them. Of course, the check is bogus.”

Kilgore estimated more people have received the correspondence who haven’t come forward, and he stressed for the community to not be fooled. 

“I want to make people aware this is out there and for them to recognize it is a scam,” Kilgore said. “I want to make sure nobody goes out and cashes one of these bogus checks. People should always remain skeptical when they receive a notification saying they’ve won a contest they didn’t even enter.”

People who receive suspicious mail should contact a local law enforcement agency and notify them of the scam, Kilgore said.