Editor, The Daily Home:

This is in response to a piece by Walter Williams, “The Education Establishment’s Success”, from June 25, 2014.

I find it ironic that an editorial decrying America’s education system is so poorly written. His reliance on rhetoric suggests to me that he doesn’t have enough facts to build logical arguments. His conclusions are unsubstantiated. His resorts to insults are contemptible. His convoluted thinking is impossible to follow. Perhaps a better title for his article would be “Random thoughts and rants”.

He jumps around from the environment to politics to American history, and ties it together with a statement about our founding principles? Whatever happened to critical thinking? Have the faux news channels and talking heads killed our judgment by spoon feeding us what we want to hear? By appealing to our gut instead of our brain? Did God give us intelligence, and not intend that we use it?

I do believe he gets one thing right, however. He warns us of America falling “easy prey to charlatans”. Yes, I imagine there were some people who read his rambling, and agreed. With what, I can’t tell.