Visitors to the TOP Trails Park this Independence Day weekend will get $4 off riding tickets and camping in exchange for a canned food item.

The canned goods will go to benefit the Red Door Kitchen in Talladega and the Food Pantry in Lincoln.

The TOP Trails board of directors agreed to reduce the prices from $10 per person to $6 per person in exchange for a canned food item. Camping will also be $6 per camp site, and other charges will also be reduced.

The board recently agreed to raise admission to $10 per person, with annual packages as well, but traffic has increased significantly anyway.

For instance, park director Wes Pope reported a total of 513 riders in May 2013, and almost double, 1,000, for May of this year. 

Holidays often mean lower attendance at the park, but since the Fourth of July falls on a Friday this year, extra traffic is expected. The lower prices will be good Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


Also Tuesday, the board:

• Approved a contract with the Kelly Group to administer two grants.

• Sent off a reimbursement request for $78,000. The board’s match is $13,000, and the remaining $65,000 will go largely toward retiring TOP Trails’ debt with First National Bank.

• Announced that Kelly Group was working on estimates for sewer service to the Environmental Center, power to the campgrounds and road entrances.

• Heard Pope announce that he would be renting an excavator to work on the kiddie track and a wash station and tearing down an old bath house. The equipment may also be used to fill in holes around a covered loading dock which might eventually be used for concerts.

• Discussed lighting and security options for the parking area.

• Discussed establishing a special rate for weekend packages.