During a three year stint as B.B.Comer’s head baseball coach Evan Blair tried to restore the pride of the roar of the Tigers baseball program. In three seasons, the Tigers only made the postseason once, but he turned B.B.Comer into a respectable program. The former B.B. Comer head baseball coach accepted the assistant principal position at Benjamin Russell High School.

“I wish we could have won a few more games than we did, “Blair said. “They responded well to anything that I asked them to do. We were able to get the field fixed up and get a batting cage up. I think overall we put some pride in the program. I think the kids get excited about playing. They have worked hard and a lot of them are getting involved with summer ball now. The wins are going to come if they keep doing what they are doing. We were not quite able to get it done in three years, but like I said they are excited about playing and they are taking pride in things now. The pride and excitement will lead to wins down the road.”

Becoming an administrator has always been a goal of Blair’s, but he admitted that he wasn’t ready to give up coaching.

“I’ve always wanted to be an administrator,” Blair said. “I got around Coach (Chad Slaten) and those guys in Childersburg and got the itch to want to be a head coach. The opportunity at Comer came about; I am grateful for it and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I wasn’t 100 percent ready to get out of it, but this opportunity at Benjamin Russell came about. It is such a good move for me and my family it was hard to say no to. I am excited, but I hate leaving Comer teachers, players, students and parents. I made a lot of friends over there. I’m not excited about leaving the county. I have been in the county school system since kindergarten. It is a great opportunity for us and we feel like we needed to do it.

Blair led the Tigers into the postseason in his first season, but they were eliminated in the first round by Montevallo. Comer has progressed in the last two seasons, but they didn’t make the postseason.

“My first year we made the playoffs and the last two years we were in the area with Trinity and Thorsby,” Blair said. “When I got there they were not playing in the County Tournament. We got back in the County Tournament and we won some games in my second season. Us, Childersburg and Sylacauga were the last three teams in the tournament. We started out to the beach during spring break and playing bigger schools. They have gone down there and played well for the last two years. They play hard, they are not embarrassed and they have some expectations now. They feel like they can beat people and they get disappointed when they lose. It is not a just put on the shoulder and show up thing.”

Blair said he is thankful for the time that he has spent the Talladega County School System.

“The County School System has helped me grow a lot as a teacher,” Blair said.” I have worked for three great administrators during my time there. When I got to Comer, I used to hearpeople say welcome to the family, but when you are over there – I don’t know if I stayed long enough to be accepted in the family, but maybe they will make me an honorary member because that is a tight knit group over there and I am glad I was able to be a part of it.”