The Ragland Town Council will have a called meeting Monday to discuss the purchase of the Jaws of Life for the volunteer Rescue Squad.

Rescue Squad Chief Jeff French told members of the council that the tools the squad uses to rescue people do not work and are outdated.

“Our Jaws of Life is 20 years old,” French said. “It failed on us the other day at an accident, and I am surprised the woman walked away from the scene. We tried calling Wattsville for mutual aid and they did not answer. We then called Pell City and had to wait 15 minutes. Our tools will not work. LifeSaver was on the ground waiting and RPS Ambulance was there when Pell City arrived.”

French said he has tried to take care of the equipment the best he can.


“We only need equipment like this maybe five or six times a year, but when we need it, we need it,” French said.

At the regular council meeting last Monday, French brought several options to the table for the council members to look at.

“Whatever we purchase, it will be here for a while,” French said.

The council agreed to declare a state of emergency to purchase the Jaws of Life, and is expected to adopt a resolution to advertise for bids at the special meeting Monday.

Also at the called meeting, which starts at 5 p.m., the council will discuss bids for garbage collection service and discuss employee wages.