OK, so I have this snaz zy new car, well, for me it is, and I’m slowly learning about all the gagetry that comes with it.

There are lots of things I already love, mainly the safety features, such as the automatic cell phone to radio “hands free” cell phone contraption.

This lets me take a call without scrambling for the phone which could totally be anywhere. And though, usually, I would resist any temptation at all to try and locate it, this totally prevents anything danger ous taking place. And, on the issue of grabbing that phone, it’s just kind of hard to remove the newspaper reporter from the newspa per reporter. Miss one call and it could be really bad. There’s always the possi bility of that “tip” coming through for something real ly important.

And I still want to be there if it does.

So, I’m loving the phone thing, let’s move on to another safety feature I’m smitten with.

The gizmo attached to the rear view mirrors on each side of the car.These lights that illuminate toward the ground will save me so many falling down possibilities when I can’t see where I’m walking at night, help me out finding things I’ve dropped and well, the list is long here.

I don’t even know where to begin with the accolades for those backup beeper warnings and the rear view mirror inset that even when it’s dark, I can see what’s back there…or not.

My eyesight is less than enviable, and my fear of hitting someone or some thing, as vivid as when I was a brand new driver.

My mother pounded it into my head about never, ever trusting children any where near the vicinity I’m in while driving.

And I don’t.

The extra techno aided vision helps, but I still crane my neck and peer all around. Children do not always reach “eye level,” and I am taking no chances there.

There are other good things I could mention, some being that the air conditioning works and one being that the radio works, but within this last one lies some of my angst.

With two years of no radio because after having a battery replaced in my old car, no one knew how to “reset” a code because who knows where the manual is.

I got used to it, though, and even though there’s a morning interview on NPR I love and I like “happy music,” it just didn’t add up to the numbers of equaling the cost of a new car.

But now I have radio, and clearly see what I didn’t miss about it. I will likely make some enemies here, but, we all have our pref erences.

Mine don’t include a fondness for country sounds, it’s not old hard rock that I wish had dis appeared decades ago and it’s not for far out political crazy over zealousness.

So, I’m trying the new satellite thing for a while, and let’s just say I’m more than a bit underwhelmed.

A million sports chan nels, just about every era of rock I’d like to forget, channels devoted to people I’ve never heard of, traffic for every city I’m not in, and, well, you get the idea.

Not gonna renew.

And when I’m really overwhelmed, I can always take the “old girl” out for a spin.

You bet I kept her.

She’s simplicity at its best.