PELL CITY – It’s still not too late, but you better hurry if you haven’t got that card or special gift - today is Father’s Day.

“I don’t have anything,” said Amy Bell of Pell City. “I know that sounds horrible.”

Actually, Bell probably won’t get any complaints from her husband, Jeremy, who will celebrate Father’s Day for the first time as a father. 

“He’s six weeks old,” Bell said as she picked up the baby carrier with their newborn son, John. 

Bell said she bought a new Stand Up Paddle Board for her husband’s birthday, which is not until August. The board arrived Friday.

Bell said she went ahead and gave the board to her husband instead of trying to hide it, and waiting until August when the summer was almost over.

“It can be his Father’s Day/Birthday gift,” Bell said.  

Some families will just relax with dad around the house, have a nice dinner or go for a boat ride on the lake. 

Hugh Bain of Pell City said his father died about 15 years ago, but the Pell City businessman is a father himself. 

“My kids probably got me a little something,” he said. “I think my daughter, Madison, said she picked me up something.”

Bain said his 23-year-old son lives in Baton Rouge. 

“He’ll probably call,” Bain said. “He usually does.”

The White House released a proclamation signed by President Barack Obama on Friday, proclaiming Sunday Father’s Day.

“Fatherhood is among the most difficult and rewarding jobs a man can have,” the proclamation states. “It demands constant attention, frequent sacrifice, and a healthy dose of patience. Even in a time when technology allows us to connect instantly with almost anyone on earth, there is no substitute for a father’s presence, care and support. On Father’s Day, we show our gratitude to the men who show us how to learn, grow and live.”

In the proclamation, Obama said there is nothing more important than for someone to be the best father they can be.

“With encouragement and unconditional love, fathers guide their children and help them envision brighter futures,” Obama stated in the proclamation. “They are teachers and coaches, friends and role models. They instill values like hard work and integrity, and teach their kids to take responsibility for themselves and those around them. This is a task for every father, whether married or single, gay or straight, natural or adoptive – and every child deserves someone who will step up and fill this role. My Administration proudly supports dads who are not only present but also involved, who meet their commitments to their sons and daughters, even if their own fathers did not.”