Members of the Talladega Class of 1964 from left in front are Druel Yarborough, Lary Dalton, Larry Jefferson, Gordon Malone, Jerry Springer, Rosemary Lacy, Cheryl Bagley, Jackie Seals, Marilyn Kerde, Martha Parker, Jo Ann Huey, Colleen Crosby, Beverly Smith, Linda Tsighis, Dina Elder, Emily Fuller, Sally White, Mary Faye Davis, Brenda Patterson, Jackie Grass and Angela Pruitt. On the second row from left are Ray Johns, Eddie Deitz, Bob Hurst, Tony Sisk, Rietta Broom, Kitty Goolsby, Elaine Zimny, Linda Abrams, Becky James, Frances Grimes, Lil Roberts, Sherry Schlerf and Linda Phipps. On the third row from left are Larry Robinson, Jimmy Randall, Wren Harper, Barbara Burkhart, Diana Matson, Harriet Heacock, Jimmy Heacock and Roland Patterson. From left in the back row are Coy Meadows, Jane Wade, Todd Caldwell, Ray Johns, Jerry Edmiston, Randy Norton, James Wilson, Billy Parks, Larry Patterson, Larry Chandler, Martha Olvera, John Tucker, Bobby Sprayberry, Spud Davis, Danny Chapp, Pete Grizzell, Lyn Munroe, Y.C. Paris and Ronnie Hurst.