The annual world deer expo is billed as one of the largest deer shows in the U.S. Each year crowds of hunters converge on the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex to check out the latest and greatest gear for hunting. Hunters of all age groups scout the aisles and booths of vendors looking for that special something for hunting.

The deer show has become a tradition for many hunters and family members. 

Each year it seems there are more couples and families in attendance. 

There is something for all age groups and even non-hunters enjoy strolling the aisles.

Some of the regular vendors were present, but there were some fresh faces in the sea of deer and bargain chasers as well. I was able to track down some new and different items that might just enhance the hunting or outdoor experience.

Practical with a purpose

A relatively new product for tree stand hunters is the Lift Kit from High Oak Hunter. 

Made from machine aircraft aluminum, the kit can be clamped to the front rail on any stand. The device holds bow or gun securely in place while climbing or descending the tree. The clamps can be positioned on the stand to allow unobstructed clearance for climbing.

The company claims there is no need for a pull-up rope that can damage gun or bow. There are also clamps for bow quivers and other accessories.

Another device that has practicality is the Camera Tree. Have you ever had a place you wanted to set a game camera and there were no trees close by? 

The Camera Tree can solve that problem. Made for durable steel, the camera holder can be placed anywhere for a stable platform.

The Camera Tree is really more of a post with an adjustable shelf that holds the camera securely. 

The profile is very small and is barely noticeable when in position. The unit is light-weight and has stabilizing prongs that can penetrate the hardest ground.

A great setup is to place the Camera Tree in the center of a food plot. Two cameras can be used together to capture photos of game from two different directions. No more deer sneaking by behind your camera out of view.

Many hunters want to capture their hunts on video. With the latest mini-cams this is possible. 

However, mounting the camera to bow or gun can be a little tricky, especially if you want quality results.

Capture Your Hunt is a company that manufactures different brackets and holders for almost any type of point of view cameras. There are also mounts available for placing a camera on your hunting dog or on your hat.

“Cameras like the G0-Pro can be mounted to scope, rifle or shotgun barrel or bow,” said Jason Baggett, vice-president for marketing. “A camera mounted on your retriever’s collar can produce some interesting videos.”

Another item I thought is practical is the Leg Cuff. This device is made from durable glass-filled nylon. It has a short rope and a pull handle. 

The Legg Cuff is designed to fit over the legs of a harvested deer just above the hoof to allow for a safe and easy drag back to the truck.

The plastic cuffs easily secure over the deer legs and are closed with a pull of the handle. With the deer’s legs out of the way the dragging effort is reduced. A separate pull strap can be affixed to a climbing harness or to an ATV.


Keeping covert

Hunters utilizing golf cart style vehicles will appreciate the Hide-A-Ride cam cover. The cover is designed to fit most carts with a roof and supports. 

Windows and doors on the cover can be rolled up for air flow or better visibility when traveling. 

The cover is water repellant and models are available to fit E-Z-Go, the Beast and Club Car style golf carts.

Herd Guard has released a scent suppression spray called Body Guard 360. 

The product is a powder that can be mixed with water from tap, lake or stream. It can be sprayed on skin or clothing to eliminate odors.

“The Body Guard 360 is 100 percent natural,” said Crystal Geis, product manager. ‘We also have body wash, shampoo, and clothes detergent for a total scent free system.”

Herd Guard also makes mineral blocks for deer. These blocks are all natural and provide special minerals to aid in deer’s intestinal abnormalities. They have 18 percent protein and 24 trace minerals.

 Geis said the blocks help with worms and parasites in the deer’s digestive tract. 

During a turkey hunt a hunter’s movement can mean game over. However, Hip Stick is a shooting rest that makes hold a gun in ready position easy. 

The stick slips over the hunter’s waistband or belt. It is not carried like other shooting sticks. The telescopic shaft adjusts easily and can be locked in place.

The Hip Stick can be used standing, sitting on ground, or in tree stand. Hunters can shoot from any position. The cushion pad will accept rifles, shotguns, crossbow and handguns.


Expand to night optics and keep your deer cool


Nite Site has developed a camera and viewing screen that easily mounts to any scope. The unit can be used for night hunting where legal. (check local game laws) or during the daytime. 

A small camera adapter is mounted in the eye piece of the scope. The view screen sits atop of the scope connected to the camera with a small wire.

“The viewing screen is 720 pixel of resolution,” said Ian Johnson marketing manager. “The display is in color during the day and black and white at night.”

No calibration is required with Nite Site. The unit projects the same view as if looking thru the scope. 

The lithium-ion battery is rechargeable and can last up to 8 hours in continuous use. Johnson says the unit can be connected to a video camera for recording.

A neat solution for keeping venison and other game cool before traveling to the processor is the Koola Buck. The unit is a portable walk-in cooler. 

The cooler is four feet square and six and one-half feet high. Temperature range for keep your meat chilled ranges from 34 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit and operates on 110 volts of current.

The Koola Buck is perfect for deer camps or hunting excursions. 

With 104 cubic feet of space, four full size deer can be placed in the cooler. 

There is also room for other perishables. 

The unit collapses to four feet square and only 30 inches high. It can be setup in around five minutes.