The best fresh produce to take home and prepare to your table’s liking?

You’ll find it.

Farm fresh honey from the closest hives around?

You can count on it.

And as far as on site favorites ready to treat your taste buds, they’ve got those, too.

The friendly folks at AJ Powers Lodge in Winterboro are getting ready for a great big day next Saturday and this morning, they’re out in full force preparing for the occasion of a Market Day you won’t forget.

Today’s a work day for the big event, and anyone who’s handy with a yard tool or has a heart for community work is cordially invited to join in, said lodge member Joyce Howard.

“We’re putting in landscaping, and had some railroad ties donated to us to help with our parking area,” she said.

Accommodating visitors to the lodge is important, where hundreds of visitors have traveled to find great barbecue prepared on the grounds, gatherings of artists and writers and crafters from all over who share their wares and stories with those who drop in. 

For Market Day, you’ll find honey from The Chastain Farms in Winterboro, specialties from Dede Garfrerick’s Farm, Twin Springs Farm and Martha the Talladega Produce Lady live and in person with the freshest, straight off the farm in season produce and meat.

Grilled hot dogs will be for sale along with a wide variety of sweets at the lodge, so having lunch or taking home supper is a thought to keep in mind, too.

Other Market Day vendors interested in reserving a space should contact Joyce at 256- 362-2857 or Joe at 256 493-1024. 

The lodge is located in Winterboro, which is approximately 10 miles south of Talladega, 10 miles north of Sylacauga and nine miles west of Childersburg in Talladega County. The lodge sits next to Winterboro School, one of the very few remaining “in use” rock schools in the area. 

“We have Market Day on the second Saturday of the month during the warmer months to help raise funds for restoration projects at the lodge,” Howard said. “We also have an Art Extravaganza on the Saturday before Thanksgiving each year as one of our major fund raisers, a spring art show, usually in association with the April in Talladega tour of historic homes, and a Fourth of July Smoked Boston Butt Sale.” 

Donations are accepted and appreciated for the lodge projects. Other fundraisers, including two cookbooks, are also undertaken from time to time.

The mission of the nonprofit organization AJ Powers Lodge/Plank Road Station is to establish a community center for the area and have educational outreach programs for the residents, an also to establish and maintain an art gallery of work by local artists and to establish a museum of artifacts from the area.