Editor, The Daily Home:

Having returned to Alabama after an absence of 17 years spent living in a Midwestern state, I find myself confused by the level of anger and ignorance displayed by today’s “Alabama conservatives”. Somehow we have found a way to blame Obama for nearly everything, including the poor economy that developed following the crash in 2008, which occurred under the previous administration, not this one.

Apparently we are angry that Obama couldn’t fix our economy “fast enough”.

Never mind that it was the previous administration that started a war with Iraq on borrowed money and gave Goldman Saks a trillion dollar bailout and presided over the collapse of the real estate market. Never mind the Bush administration inherited a balanced budget and the largest budget surplus in history and turned it into the highest deficit in history in just 8 years then passed on an economic train wreck to the new president. Somehow we have managed to blame all that on Obama. Even though our state receives around $2 in federal expenditures for every dollar we pay tothe government, our politicians tell us we must “stand up to Washington”. What?  It’s as if we are spoiling for another civil war. It seems our hatred of the government hasn’t changed since the mid-19th century. We should be thanking the government for their generosity but instead express our hate. We seem to be the most upset because our president is black. Before he had been in office a month we were pulling our kids out of school so they wouldn’t see him on TV during National Education Week. I thought we had managed to move past racism but obviously it’s still a part of our culture. The question I heard from Midwesterners was “why are they still fighting the civil war down South”? It makes you think.