Editor, The Daily Home:

The “Hall of Heroes” would like to take the time and effort to say THANK YOU to everyone for a successful weekend.

The donors who helped us raise money, The Daily Home, especially Laura Nation, whose endless efforts to be sure everything was mentioned to make it the success it was, “kudos” to you Laura, in helping make the public aware of our “mission” to honor all our men and women who have given so much.

We want to be sure they are never forgotten.

First we had the David Lee impersonator, who was such a hit with the public and gave us a “full house” of entertainment Saturday night to help in our effort to raise funds for our “hall,” which has overgrown its home.

We would also like to thank Brannon’s of Talladega for their patience in preparation of the programs for the Saturday night program as well as for the Memorial Day service and also George Culver and his crew at The Ritz.

Also, we want to say a big “thank you” to Stacy Jones, the Talladega Recreation Department and their employees for setting up the program site for our Memorial Day Service.

We appreciate the veterans and the ROTC members who added so much to the meaning of the service.

And last, but not least, The Hall of Heroes Committee, and especially Bill McGehee and Brian Roberts, who were so instrumental in bringing the program to Talladega.