During the recent Click It or Ticket traffic enforcement blitz, the Talladega Police Department issued almost 400 tickets and citations.

According to Lt. Allen Kelly, these included 15 speeding tickets, two for reckless driving, 36 for suspended or revoked driver’s licenses, 17 other driver’s license violations, two driving under the influence and 115 seatbelt violations. There were also 15 child restraint violations, two improper passing tickets and 41 tag related citations. Four of the above were issued in school zones.

There were also 89 insurance violations, 48 miscellaneous violations, seven tickets for running stop signs and six for running red lights.

Officers also issued 39 speed warnings, three driver’s license warnings and 72 miscellaneous warnings, mostly for equipment violations.

Four felony warrants were served, along with 74 misdemeanor warrants, six drug arrests and 22 other arrests.

A total of 32 vehicles were impounded.

These figures all compare with the text and drive blitz (314), the Christmas-New Year blitz (290) and 190 last year.