Charter Communication is going all-digital this summer, and has started removing the analog format of channels in cities and states throughout America. 

In Talladega, “On or after July 8, 2014, Charter will begin removing the analog format of every channel from our lineup and delivering only high-quality digital signals to each television outlet in the home. Many channels will move,” according to an email sent by the company to Mayor Larry Barton. 

The email goes on to say, “Over 90 percent of Charter’s customers are already using digital equipment from Charter to view their favorite channels. For customers without a Charter-issued set-top box or a CableCard device connected to their televisions, this change will require each TV to be installed with Charter Digital equipment to continue viewing favorite programming.”

For non-digital households, Charter will provide free equipment for a limited time to eligible customers. “These offers will vary based on a customer’s current level of service, (with) applicable standard equipment rate card pricing (applying) upon expiration of these offers.”

As part of the transition to all-digital, Charter will also start encrypting its basic-service tier to make the network more secure and to free up bandwidth. Again, the necessary equipment will be available for free to eligible customers for a limited time.

According to the company’s website,, the upgrade “will improve picture and sound quality, allow us to offer more HD channels, and enable future enhancements such as On Demand choices.

“Customers will experience better picture and sound quality, over 140 HD channels, over 10,000 On Demand choices with 1,800-plus HD On Demand titles, including movies in 3D and downloadable mobile channel apps, including WatchESPN and Watch Disney.”

The website said customers in areas affected by the change will receive notification by mail advising them that TVs connected to Charter without digital equipment will need to take action. “All TVs in affected systems will need to have a Charter-issued digital equipment (set-top box or CableCard) connected to each TV to continue viewing the channels they have access to today.”

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