Lindsey Moses, owner of LMo and Company on Talladega’s historic Courthouse Square, will be the subject of this month’s Artist Spotlight Friday night from 5:30 to 9 p.m. She will be exhibiting a collection of concrete bowls and other functional pieces. There will be a sidewalk sale and food and drinks, as well as a reception.

LMo and Company hosts an artist spotlight on the first Friday of every month except January and July, but this will be the first time that Moses’ work has been featured in the gallery she opened three and a half years ago. She said she had been working with concrete now for over a year, had several pieces, and just decided it was time.

“I don’t really recall what first got me started,” she said. “I went online looking for something entirely different, and then that fell by the wayside. I started focusing on this, and I got to the point where I couldn’t sleep, I was so excited about what I would be working on the next day.”

All of the concrete pieces are molded and then naturally stained. Her stain is not acid-based, but a mixture of her own devising. “I did a lot of experimental work with different heat and different combinations,” she explained. “You can control the amount of turquoise or amber in the stain. I prefer the combination of the two, which is what you see in nature, that makes things attractive. I haven’t found anyone else that stains quite the same way I do.”

Among other things, she has used a bowling ball to mold the inset for one of the fire bowls that will be displayed Friday. A fire bowl, by the way, is an open container with rocks or glass around the outside and a can of gel fuel in the middle.

She has also used impressions of gingko leaves, wild hydrangea and other plant matter.

In addition to highlighting Moses’ business and artworks, this month’s spotlight also involves promoting another business she has taken on, specifically the Dega Brewhouse on the other side of square. There will be a cement bar in the new establishment, and she will be selling individual tiles (and business tiles) to raise money and to furnish the new bar.

Although this will be her first show, her second will be not far behind, in December. The theme for that one will be “Night of 100 Moons.”

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