Editor, The Daily Home:

The A.J. Powers Masonic Lodge in Winterboro has undergone a dramatic restoration process since it was relocated pending its certain demolition. It has already served as a community meeting place for auctions, lecture series, a regionwide seminar on methods of using natural techniques to grow and harvest organic produce, and as a central meeting place for professional associations. The Lodge participated in the recent “April in Talladega” pilgrimage event, offering paintings, rustic sculptures and pottery, and furniture items crafted by local artisans.

First, we want to thank those who graciously contributed their time and talents to our participation in the “April in Talladega” event. There is a long list of people who also deserve our gratitude: members who baked cakes, prepared delicious specialties and offered wonderful food, vendors and local fresh produce, original craft items, talented local musicians, Civil War re-enactors, and the local media whose coverage showed that even a small group of dedicated volunteers can promote the educational opportunities that benefit a small rural community and be a catalyst for a sudden burst of growth. Those who spent a Saturday enjoying the variety that the Lodge has to offer experienced a unique and vibrant achievement. Thank you for allowing us to share this exciting growth.