The bomb threat called in to the Rite Aid Pharmacy on Battle Street appeared to be related to several other similar threats elsewhere, Talladega Police Chief Jason Busby confirmed Wednesday.

Tuesday evening, someone called the store and threatened to detonate a bomb unless seven Green Dot Cash cards valued up to $500 each, were activated. Police officers and firefighters were called out, the store was searched thoroughly and no bomb was found.

Busby said several other stores in the chain had also been targeted recently, although he declined to comment on any of the specifics Wednesday.

In addition to other stores in Alabama, someone has apparently called stores in North Carolina, Rhode Island, Michigan and Utah, among other places. Local media in some of those places report that the threatening calls were traced back to a Magic Jack phone in Dallas.

Busby would not comment on whether or not the call to the Talladega store might have come from the same place.

Anyone with information on this incident should contact the Talladega Police Department at 256-362-4508 or call the anonymous tip line at 256-299-0011.