Downtown Childersburg

Federal grant money funded new lamp posts and sidewalks in a portion of downtown Childersburg. The city’s new comprehensive plan calls for more downtown renovation.

CHILDERSBURG -- The city’s new comprehensive plan focuses on continued renovations of the downtown area.

“The new comprehensive plan hasn’t changed all that much from the previous one,” said Ryan Kallem, principal regional planner with the East Alabama Regional Planning and Development Commission, which prepared the new comprehensive plan.

“One of the main things was putting in an implementation schedule for the city’s priorities for the next 10 years,” he said.

Kallem said surveys were conducted with the city departments, and the list of goals provided was taken into consideration.

“There was a lot more public input at the start, but it waned as the project went on,” he said.

Childersburg City Clerk Sandra Donahoo said the city began working on the new comprehensive plan in October 2011.

“It is supposed to be completed by September of this year, and we should meet our goal,” she said.

The Childersburg City Council approved the new comprehensive plan at Tuesday’s council meeting, and Kallem said there were just a few things left to wrap up.

Donahoo said downtown renovation has been in the city’s comprehensive plan for at least 40 years.

“We received a pedestrian improvement grant from the Alabama Department of Transportation for improvements on First Street from 10th Avenue Southwest to Eighth Avenue Southwest,” she said. “That was Phase I, and included new lamp lighting and redoing and widening the sidewalks.”

Donahoo said Phase I construction was essentially completed around the end of last year; however, with bad weather the punch list took some additional time.

“That grant is almost closed out, with one final payment to make,” she said. “Then, if the mayor and council decide to apply, we will go into the next phase of the project, which (if awarded) will take us from Eighth Avenue Southwest down First Street to Kiwanis Park at Sixth Avenue Southwest. Hopefully, we can also come from the intersection of Eighth Avenue Southwest and Ninth Avenue Southwest and come all the way down to City Hall, on both avenues, to Third Street in one direction and to the railroad in the other direction.”

According to the new comprehensive plan, the implementation dates include:

• 2014-2016 Complete Phase II of the Downtown Streetscape Project.

• 2014-2015 Widen and repave Third Street and Fourth Avenue SE from U.S. 280 to Childersburg Middle School.

• 2015 Renovate and improve the Kymulga Grist Mill main structure.

• 2014-2024 Inventory and upgrade sewer lines.

• 2014-2024 Inventory and upgrade water lines.

• 2014-2024 Inventory and upgrade gas lines.