SYLACAUGA -- The City Council again discussed a proposal to build a multi-use sports complex Monday during a work session.

David Phillips, principal planner and senior consultant at Phillips Development, Planning and Consulting, said there is a limited time frame if the council wishes to pursue the idea this calendar year.

“I’m not sure a sports complex is the best way to start,” Councilman Tom Roberts said. “I think we need an overall scheme first. An overall scheme for the city.”

Phillips said pursuing a sportsplex would not prohibit a long-range plan for the city, and might even act as a catalyst to get it started.

“You have to take one step to get the ball rolling,” he said.

Phillips said if the council decided to begin the process of finding out what the people of Sylacauga want, there is about a 30-day window because surveys have to be made and sent out and public meetings held, and all of this takes time. Postponing much further would push the process into the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday period, which would delay the process until next year.

Council President Rocky Lucas said he believed both Phillips and Roberts were looking at the same idea, but coming at it from different directions.

“This is not going to get done at the council meeting,” Lucas said, but he said he would like to see a plan developed for urban development.

The council also interviewed the final applicant for the Airport Board, Robert Gaston. Sid Tankersley and Jack Mitchell Jr. were interviewed previously.

Sylacauga Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Carol Emlich-Bates said dates were secured for the Cabela’s catfish tournament for May 8-9, 2015.