Editor, The Daily Home:

In recent years, God has been removed from many things … money, prayer in schools, no more prayer before sporting events, not even a nativity can be displayed in a public place anymore.

It was brought up in church Sunday. They are now trying to remove it from the Pledge of Allegiance. If the word God is removed then we are just another nation. This country was founded on one nation under God. We as a nation and as a person should be putting God first in everything we do because sooner or later, God will turn his back on us as we have Him.

The nation has gotten to where you cannot talk about God. You can’t display Jesus or God in any way to the public. But any other religion can. This is putting God last. I’ve tried to live good the last few years and I can tell you if you keep putting God last, whether country or person, you will pay for it. So let’s keep God in our country and first in our lives so we will have a better life and a better country for believing in Jesus Christ.