TALLADEGA -- In accordance with a federal appeals court decision, Alabama lawmakers must redistrict the 2010 Redistricting map. According to the federal court, the lawmakers went out of their way to draw “irregular lines” in re-shaping the districts for the purpose of voting. Translated that means a great partisan divide resulted in Talladega County being sliced into a minute, finite pie that gave us eight state legislators for the county. Why such a thin slice – (another R word) to restrict, dilute and limit minority voting throughout the county and the state.

We should all be concerned because weakening and diluting the voting rights of one group, harms all of us. Who is affected in our immediate area – Eastaboga, Bon Air, Oak Grove and Talladega, even Golden Springs in Calhoun County. All were carved, sliced and diced using “winding line,” “irregular shape”, “irregular lines” and “zigs and zags” largely to divide voters based on race, according to the court decision.

Citizens of Talladega, wake up and shake/contact your legislative representatives. Contact them and tell them to do the right thing in determining voting districts. They are the ones who made, and are about to redo this shameful redistricting based on diluting the voting power of the residents of Talladega County.

Submitted by Martha Jordan on behalf of The Talladega County Democratic Party.