MOODY -- An all-gender LGBTQ restroom at Moody or any school, anywhere, is a bad idea. The majority of students of a high school age know what sex they are, except, perhaps, for those who are obviously slow learners.

The majority of people, both male and female, are straight. Pandering to a few by building a third bathroom for two or three students would be a waste of money on an already self-proclaimed financially strapped school system.

If you have not learned what sex you are by high school, then how are you capable of learning the more difficult subjects in school that require more thinking than just looking in your pants or under your dress to learn what sex you are?

If you are still confused as to what sex you are after a self-examination, ask anyone on the street in Moody what sex you are. I am sure 99.99 percent of them could tell you and save the school system valuable resources over the insane, perverse, lunacy that permeates throughout this country.

Billy E. Price