New B.B. Comer football coach and family

New B.B. Comer head football coach Adam Fossett with sons Max and Ben and wife Tai Fossett.

TALLADEGA COUNTY -- The Talladega County Board of Education on Monday approved hiring Adam Fossett as the head football coach for B.B. Comer High School.

Fossett, who coached at Childersburg and Winterboro before leaving to coach at Smiths Station, said he is happy to be back in Talladega County.

“When the opportunity to come back to the county and the county system arose, I was definitely interested in doing so,” he said. “I have had a great experience here and felt like when the transition to leave the county happened, I made sure to do everything the right way with the procedures to make sure that I didn’t burn any bridges. It is a great life lesson, about not burning bridges and do what you are supposed to do.  We are excited about being back and we are excited about the new challenge.”

Fossett replaces Mike Battles Sr., who led B.B. Comer to a 7-23 record in three seasons at the helm. The program hasn’t had a winning season since 2001. Fossett said he is prepared for the challenge that’s ahead of him.  

“I think the big thing is that the whole athletic program has to be brought up,” he said. “We have to change some things that have been done in the past and move forward. I am not here to judge anything that happened in the past or anyone that was there in the past. I am ready to take what I got and move forward. I think the process in doing that is first of all making sure the kids see that you have their best interest in heart. Make sure they see that you are working for them and working towards a common goal. At a school like Comer, you have to have that family type atmosphere. Student-athletes have to be worked hard, loved hard and really shown things they are expected to do. I am looking forward to doing those things and being able to bring them together.”

Fossett spent the last two seasons at Smiths Station where he finished with a 2-18 record. He said coaching in 7A was a learning experience.

“7A football is a different world,” he said. “It was a thing where I said I am ready for this and it’s something that I feel good about. You get there and it is so much different. You find out quick that it is very cutthroat. I was basically over five different teams from seventh grade to varsity. I had to do schedules, get coaches and everything else. I was more like a CEO than a coach.

“It was a situation where I learned a lot about myself in a two-year span … I am very fortunate to be back in a small-ball environment. That is what suits me more.”

Before taking the job at Smiths Station, Fossett led Childersburg to a 23-21 record in four seasons. In three of the four seasons, Childersburg made the playoffs.  He also led Winterboro to a 30-15 record from 2008-2011. The Bulldogs made it to at least the second round of the postseason in two of his four seasons.

“My philosophy is the kids have to know how much you love them and that you care,”Fossett said. “The second thing is that I am going to utilize sports, an athletic event or working out to help these kids relate to life situations later on down the road. Help them deal with adversity, character building and team building. My goal for all the athletes at B.B. Comer High School is for them to have a great high school experience; two, for them to be a better person when they graduate. I want them to be better men and women. When they grow up, I want them to be good husbands and wives, good mothers and fathers and things like that ...  Once the kids know that your heart is in it and you are all-in, they will be all-in. Thirdly, I am big about the little things. If you take care of the little things and I mean minuet things as far as you are on time every day, you are in class every day. If you take care of the little things, the big things will take care of themselves.”


LaVonte Young is the Sports Editor for The Daily Home. Contact him at or follow him on Twitter @LYoung_DHSports.